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Due to Travel Advisories related to COVID-19, we now require all clients to sign our Liability Waiver when booking.

Ship2Shore Holidays Terms and Conditions Re Covid 19

Liability Waiver

As of March 25th 2020 the Canadian Government had issued a closure of all non-essential business. The Government also issued an advisory to avoid all non-essential travel both Domestic and International and avoid all travel via cruise ships until further notice.

The closure of the border between the U.S and Canada has also been extended beyond June 21, 2020. 

It is important that you be aware if you chose to travel you will or may encounter the following:

You will be subject to health screening such as health questionnaires and temperature checks. As well further rules on the wearing of masks and more frequent hand washing and sanitization have been implemented. These screening policies will be in place at all airports, and on all flights and at all border crossings. 

When you arrive to your destination and upon return you may or will be required to self – isolate or quarantine for up to 14 days.

It is important you check the pandemic Covid 19 Travel Health Notice website for more info on the risks of your chosen destination.  Also check with your agent as well as the airlines and suppliers to confirm the new travel requirements being imposed on travellers. 

You will notice changes the wholesalers are putting in place such as for airlines, masks will be required on all flights, there will be limited to no meal service on board in order to eliminate contact with service personnel, and at least initially the flights, hotels and cruise lines will be at lower capacity. 

With regards to cancellation and Insurance

As long as  the government has the Avoid all non-essential travel in place and as long as there is no vaccine it is important to note COVID-19 will be considered a pre-existing  condition and will not be covered by cancellation insurance. If you choose to book a travel package, flights, hotel or any travel segment, you are not insured for cancellation unless otherwise stated with the wholesaler should you have to cancel for any reason as related to COVID. 

Whether you are entitled to Future Travel Credits, full refunds on tickets or packages or if it is Non Refundable, it is important you are aware of which option applies to your booking.  It is also important to note that if you choose to travel and while away you are infected or produce symptoms of COVID your medical insurance policy will not cover you for any medical treatment you will have to receive.  You may also in this instance be denied boarding to return and be refused to do so until medically cleared. If this is the case you need to be prepared and make sure that you have sufficient money to help you sustain in destination for the time period required to recover.

Finally, please NOTE Ship2Shore Holidays nor any of its owners or agents are responsible should you choose to book and travel with the Government warning still in place. If your bookings are cancelled either by yourself or the wholesaler, note they are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. Please be aware of your cancellation and trip interruption options prior to booking in order to make an informed decision to travel at this time.

I have read and fully understand the above Terms and Conditions and do not hold Ship2Shore Holidays accountable for my booking.

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